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Existing Arco-1 Well Location

The Arco #1 was plugged and abandoned on 08 March 1985.
This well was drilled to 11,640 feet. Pressure was less than
normal hydrostatic pressure, likely because
large faults drain water from the basin to the Grand Canyon.

Arco #1 cuts fractured Quartz Monzonite

The Quartz Monzonite intrusion runs from Pine Valley
Mountain to Minersville
. The iron settled out as the
intrusion cooled and the Quartz Monzonite fractured.
The fractures are from 2,490-2,620 feet and from
2,960-3,050 feet. Because the well goes to 11,640 feet,
it goes through both of these fractured intervals.

Arco #1 can be reopened to test the QM Aquifer

Since Arco #1 is already drilled, the plugs can be
drilled out, and the aquifer potential tested. With
water in Southern Utah selling for $20,000/ac-ft, if the
well produces 1,000 acre-feet per year, it will have a
value of $20 million per year. This water eventually
would end up in the Colorado River. The idea is to only
produce equivalent to annual rainfall from the area produced.

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