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What is hydrostatic pressure?

As water is stacked in a column, the weight of the water
increases pressure with depth. If pressure is less than
normal hydrostatic pressure, it implies the basin is not
closed, has high lateral permeability, or there is drainage.
There is no evidence of overpressure in the SW Great Basin.

How do you measure hydrostatic pressure?

Pressure is measured with gagues, and in oil field drilling
monitored with mud weight. The heaver the mud, the more
the pressure at depth. Pressure can also be determined from
DST (Drill Stem Tests). The Utah portion of the Great Basin
is significantly underpressured compared to other Utah basins.
The top right map shows the wells included in the hydrostatic
study, which is linked to each of the titles listed above.

Why is the southern Great Basin underpressured?

The basin is not closed. The basin has the same highly porus
and laterally permeability Cretaceous rocks - which creates
the untapped aquifer up Cedar Mountain - at depth. The hurricane
fault has maximum thrown at Cedar City (4,000+ feet - Utah
Geological Survey Field Trip - 2014). The basin is not closed.
There are major faults, shown on the bottom map below, which
faults are conduits draining into the Grand Canyon.

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