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Cedar Valley - Area 73

The Cedar Valley Aquifer has some
of the oldest set of water rights in
Iron County. The key issue is there
are more water rights issued than
are being replenished by rainfall.

Utah Geological Survey Defninition of the Cedar Valley Drainage Basin

The Cedar Valley Drainage Basin is well
defined by the state. However, the state
will not curently allow trasfer water rights
from Cedar Vally up Cedar Canyon, even
though they are both in the same basin.

Cedar Valley Drainage Basin, also CICWCD boundary, on Iron County map

The CICWCD is going through a major transistion. Over $1 million has been spent on legal work to obtain
rights to water in Wah Wah, Pine, and Hamblin Vallies in northwest Iron County. There is a plan to build
a $150 million pipeline to move this water to Cedar Valley. One of the key reasons for putting these web
pages together is to encourage pursuing water from the Quartz Monzonite Aquifer and Cretaceous Aquifer.
An intial review of wells in Cedar Valley are shown in map view, west-east, and south-north cross-sections.
There are many additional sets of data to add to these pages, including water rights ownership, real-time
monitoring and cumulative reporting of water production by individual wells in the Cedar Valley Aquifer, etc.

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