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Cretaceous Aquifer has 20-40% porosity

The Cretaceous Aquifer consists of the Claron (40% porosity),
the Straight Cliffs, and Dakota Sandstone (20-30% porosity).
The beds dip to the east (see Bryce Canyon cross-section).
The beds dip more to the north, as is seen looking east to or north
from Fiddler's Canyon. Excellent porosity, as shown in both
outcrop and rock samples shown in bottom images below.

First well at Woods Ranch

The porosity of the Cretaceous rocks is seen by the water
and ice which comes out of the rocks just above the former
coal mine, and just below Woods Ranch. The saturation of
these rocks is one reason for the regular landslides here.
This acquifer can be tested with a well at Woods Ranch.
Water from this well can be put in Coal Creek to get to
Cedar Valley. Based on the successful well in the same
formation at Brian Head, a Woods Ranch test is a next step.

Second well above landslide

There are political issues about getting water rights for
producing the Woods Ranch test. The initial estimate is
4,500 acre-feet per year from this first well. This is
half of the current over production in Cedar Valley.
There are several other potential locations in the
notes linked above. Drilling a deviated hole above
the landslide and dropping it into Coal Creek allows
the turbines to be placed in the deviated well bore
to generate electricity, and there is no pumping cost.

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