. . . Cedar Valley Water

44. 15 Sep 2020 Safe Yield Slides, discussion framework for community meeting about water issues
43. 03 Jul 2020 Water Advisory Committee of the CICWCD: Report of Recommendation for the CICWCD Board of Directors, June 2020
42. 06 Feb 2020 Letter from Dixie Leavitt to State Engineer Division of Water Rights.
41. 07 Feb 2020 Letter to Paul Cozzins summarizing meeting with State Engineer's Office and linking to Movie about Cedar Valley Water (https://youtu.be/Eqj7thwB7KA).
40. 31 Jan 2020 Meeting with State Engineer's Office, about 19 others attended the meeting. 39. 04 Nov 2019 191104_Cedar_Valley_Water_Issues_and_Solutions.pdf pdf without movie:

38. 15 Oct 2019 Notes on and photos of slides presented by Kent Jones and associates from the DNR (Utah Department of Natural Resources) Presenting the Ground Water Management Plan to Cedar City
37. 22 Aug 2019 Untapped Aquifers Parowan Valley Drainage Basin Parowan Valley Waer Management Committee; PowerPoint; Support Information: 36. 10 Aug 2019 Notes for Untapped Aquifers Cedar Valley Drainage Basin - Cedar City Council & Candidates Field Trip, 10 August 2019, First Draft
35. 08 Mar 2019 Notes for Iron County Commissioners Field Trip, 08 March 2019 - Video of Gary Player talking about deepening the City Quichipa Well
34. 25 Oct 2017 Discussion Support Pages for meeting with Paul Monroe, Frank Nichols, Gary Player, and Roice Nelson
33. 17 Aug 2017 5 page answer to Paul Cozzens' question "How do you test these proposed new aquifers?"
32. 17 Jul 2017 Videos of Joseph Armstrong water witching Wood's Ranch and Sheepherder's Cabin proposed Cretaceous water well locations, with comments and questions.
31. 20 Apr 2017 170420_RECHARGE_WELLS_EAST_OF_CEDAR_CITY.pdf Proposal for CICWCD Meeting 27 Apr 2017 based on Iron County Today Article on 19 Apr 2017.
30. 14 Apr 2017 170413_solar-powered-condensation.pdf
29. 17 Feb 2017 170227_Charles_Andros_-_Groundwater_Paper_Draft.pdf, removed at the request of Norm Jones, njones@byu.edu, 02 January 2020
28. 08 Mar 2017 Presentation to The Iron County Historical Society: Geology and Water - The Framework of Southern Utah,
with material collected to put the presentation together (click on the thumbnails for expanded view of the image): 27. 18 Jan 2017 170118_ICT_Water_Need_Challenges_in_our_Valley.pdf
26. 06 Sep 2016 Presentation given to Rotary: The Cedar Valley Aquifer and The Cedar Valley Drainage Basin.
25. 13 July 2016 Front and Back pages of letter from the State Engineer, Kent L. Jones, P.E., with feedback on written comments and questions regaring developing a groundwater management plan for Cedar City Valley.
24. 11 July 2016 Presentation Notes: The Cedar Valley Aquifer and The Cedar Valley Drainage Basin.
23. 11 July 2016 Iron County Commissioners Meeting Agenda.
22. White Paper prepared for Craig Ison and Iron County Republican Party: 160415_Growth_or_Stagnation.pdf
21. Screen captures of two e-mails from Kelly Crane to Roice Nelson and Gary Player on 18 Sep 2015 (150918_Kelly_Crane_2_emails_with_questions.png): 20. 150827_SL_Tribune_Pine_Valley_Pipeline.pdf PDF of article published in the Salt Lake Tribune, and comments by readers
19. 150821_coverletter_3_CICWCD_submissions.pdf PDF of 3 suggested well locations to prove additional water for Cedar Valley
18. Discussion about West Desert Wells
17. 2015 Water Festival
16. 160618_CICWCD Presentation: Optimizing West Desert Drilling Locations with Maps and Rock Property Volumes derived from Lightning Databases
15. 6 Part Article in Iron County Today.
14. Integrating Cedar City & SUU Strategic Plans 20 Nov 2014 and to send to future@suu.edu.
13. Letter to CICWCD from Gary Player regarding the re-entry into the Arco well at Iron Springs to test the aquifer potential of the fractured quartze monzonite aquifer west of Cedar City.
12. 24 Feb 2014 Paper: "Formation Pressure as a Potential Indicator of High Stratigraphic Permeability" by Rick Allis,
given to Brent Hunter of CICWCD to confirm thoughts about Cedar Valley and the Southern Great Basin being under normal hydrostatic pressure because water is draining into the Grand Canyon.
11. Letter Report to David Miller, Iron County Commissioner, last page,
from Gary Player & Roice Nelson, regarding the Cretaceous Aquifer on Cedar Mountain and a test well at Woods Ranch.
10. 22 September 2014 Talk at SUU for CICWCD titled: "Using Lightning Data Analysis as a geologic framework for Exploration and Planning":
Paul Monroe, Gary Player, Dixie Leavitt, Ted Nelson, Caroline Howe, & others
9. 18 July 2014 Field Trip Notes: Brent Hunter, Paul Monroe, Spencer Jones, Gary Player, & Roice Nelson
8. Keynote Talk at SUU Annual Research Symposium, 18 Nov 2013.

Topography displayed on a seismic interpretation workstation, highlighting interpretation of major faults, which are draining water from the southern end of the Great Basin into the Colorado River, creating an area which is below normal hydrostatic pressure. (click on image to expand)
See also Formation Pressure as Potential Indicator of High Stratigraphic Permeability, Rick Allis, Utah Geological Survey

7. Lake Powell Pipeline Movie
6. Frames from a movie along proposed Lake Powell Pipeline

Image from 2006 movie showing topgraphic differences to do a pipeline from the MX aquifers to Cedar vs. from Lake Powell.

5. Perspective Movie
4. Frames from the movie showing the perspective of the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline
3. Folder dated 01 July 2006 with USGS pdf files, spreadsheets, etc. on White Pine County, NV and adjacent aquifers in Utah.
2.Second Presentation for members of the Central Iron County Water Conservancy Board, 06 June 2006.
2. Presentation for members of the Central Iron County Water Conservancy Board, 04 May 2006 revised from 1st draft.
1. First Presentation prepared on 19 Sep 2005


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