... Appendix II: Paradoxes ...

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Appendix II: Paradoxes
1. Geoscientist with Faith.

2. Write a book to help those of all faiths reconcile their faith with scientific discovery.

3. Matrix of Science and Religion.

4. Are there absolute truths, or is all truth relative?

5. Heisenberg Principle: both the position and momentum of a subatomic particle can not be determined precisely at the same time.

6. We become invulnerable when we are vulnerable.

7. Nothing is about us, and yet everything is about us.

8. "Plans are nothing, and planning is everything," Dwight D. Eisenhower.

9. We are attracted to people who bring up our most personal issues.

10. Even when one strives to do good, bad things sometimes happen.

11. Weaknesses are turned into strengths.

12. Each religion is different, and all established religions are built on a similar foundation.

13. Data collection, processing, and interpretation processes are different for different sciences, and yet they are all similar.

14. Those with faith often seem to have more trials than those not concerned with spiritual things.

15. We can be blessed by divorce, yet not condone divorce.

16. We are saved by grace, after all we can do.

17. The scriptural data collection (scriptual creation) process is flawed, and yet there is great value in the scriptures.

18. A new universe comes into being when a space or a time or a philosophy is severed or taken apart.
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