... Appendix II: Paradoxes ...

values paradoxes

Paradoxes continued
19. Faith can thrive in the midst of arguments between different religions about different ways to do the same thing.

20. Stories which veil meaning allows students to derive insights in proportion to their faith and ability to understand.

21. Understanding comes from studying irreconcilable facts.

22. The problem of evil, or attempting to reconcile the existence of evil or suffering in a world with the existence of an omniscient, omnipotent, and perfectly good God.

23. Both science and religion are needed to optimally face future trials. This is true, even though, given the different views science and religion have of the same things, they struggle to co-exist, let alone work together.

24. Religions do not have a mechanism to integrate scientific discoveries into their theologies, and this seems to be one of the reasons the science vs. religion debate exists.

25. We need to have an open mind in order to influence another person towards overcoming their closed minded approaches.

26. If we have a closed mind, others will respond to us with a closed mind.

27. Where we find God, we also find evil.

28. Wherever there are great opportunities for good, there are great opportunities for evil to step in and hijack the good.

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