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Appendix IV: Infinite GridSM IG2 Index

Alphabetical Geographical Reference Index
IG4 Infinite GridSM Index
For a framework for Infinite GridSM distance index for 3rd Dimension +
For a Large NASA Image of Earth at Night
Click Here For Large Images of Earth in 45ox22.5o Blocks
Click Here For Small Images of Earth in 45ox22.5o Blocks

IG2 Earth E18 E17 E16 E15 E14 E13 E12 E11 E28 E27 E26 E25 E24 E23 E22 E21 E38 E37 E36 E35 E34 E33 E32 E31 E48 E47 E46 E45 E44 E43 E42 E41 E58 E57 E56 E55 E54 E53 E52 E51 E68 E67 E66 E65 E64 E63 E62 E61 E78 E77 E76 E75 E74 E73 E72 E71 E88 E87 E86 E85 E84 E83 E82 E81 Infinite GridSM Level 2, or IG2, based on 8x8 45o x 22.5o grid cells.

Clicking on one of these grid cells links to a more detailed map of that specific area. From here one can link to a set of nine grid cells, which can be used to navigate across the globe, or to a list of all references in this book for this specicific area.

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