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The NetWork is semi-self-organizing, and works on Projects as multidisciplinary teams:
  • Roice started experimenting with a Professional Network with HyperMedia Corporation (see http://www.walden3d.com/hmc96/expert.html). The keys to a network or virtual organization are:
    1. Trust, and
    2. Funded Projects.
    The Deerwood Project will not be undertaken until the funding is in place. The first step to getting the funding is to demonstrate with computer models the concepts being proposed are feasible. In fact, members of the W3D NetWork will not be brought into the conversation until there is an agreement in writing between W3D and the Property Owner regarding development of the 7½ acres at "0 Deerwood Drive."
  • The key to a successful NetWork is to create real and significant wealth for Investors, providing an opportunity for members of the NetWork to share in the success. The following steps are planned once the land is "tied up:"
    1. Identify potential Investors and understand their preferred portfolio.
    2. Present specific ranked Project(s), ideally matched against the Investor's preferred portfolio. This will get better as time passes and as W3D learns what the Investor's interests and risk tolerance is.
    3. Agree on an approach to pursue, sign binding Confidentiality Agreements, negotiate a Budget, and enter into a Contract to fund the Project(s).
    4. The Investor(s) own(s) 100% of the Project(s) until Break-Even.
    5. H. Roice Nelson, Jr. and colleagues are paid consulting fees, as defined in the Budget, and earn the equivalent of a 5% ownership in the Project(s). However, ownership is not transferred to W3D and the NetWork until the Project(s) has (have) reached Break-Even, i.e. until the Investor has recovered 100% of the risk money invested in the Project, and is making a Profit.
    6. For up to 12 months after the Project reaches Break-Even, W3D and the NetWork retain the Option to back into an additional 20% ownership in the project by paying the Investor 20% of all expenses to date, and contractually committing to pay 20% of all expenses going forward.
    7. Semi-Annually H. Roice Nelson, Jr. and Colleagues will perform a formal Lookback on Project(s) invested in, and provide the Investor with an adjusted recommendation for going forward, within the framework of the Investor's preferred portfolio.
  • Key anticipated NetWork participants in the Deerwood Project are:
    1. Lyle Rowbury, retired Exxon land specialist in Katy, Texas: Contracts.
    2. Raymond Gardner, Principal at Gardner Partnership Architects in Cedar City, Utah: Architect.
    3. Rick Duran, Principal at Archinomics in Chicago, Illinois: Economics.
    4. Jeff Winson, Principal at Winston & Associates in Boulder, Colorado: Landscape Architecture.
    5. Mic Patterson, Principal at The Patterson Group in Santa Monica, California: Design / Build.
    6. Eddy Rogers, Corporate Law Partner at Andrews Kurth LLP. in Houston, Texas: Legal.
    7. Merril Littlewood, Partner at Griffing & Company, P.C. in Sugar Land, Texas: Accounting, and when at Exxon, project management of a new city built for oil shale extraction in Western Colorado in the 1970's.
  • Other projects and activities in Houston will feed the NetWork ideas and help identify barriers:
    1. Recent Announcement of Carmel Townhomes in the area

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