Proposed Development of '0 Deerwood Drive'

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Top View of proposed Development
Walden 3-D, Inc. proposes to John A. and Carola Herrin,
to develop a green village on their property at
'0 Deerwood Drive.'

These pages summarize an initial concept.
If this concept is of interest, and if this interest
includes legally binding commitments to give W3D
a specified period of time to turn this concept into a
design and business plan, W3D will go to the next steps.

Current Front View
Front View of proposed Development
View from back of proposed Development

The next steps for W3D consist of:
  1. Raising $100,000 to turn the concept into an initial design and a business plan, in exchange for
    50% of any profits W3D makes from the Development.
  2. Bring the W3D Design NetWork to Houston for a site visit, planning meeting, and
    to turn the concept into a business proposal.
  3. Review each planning stage with John A. and Carola Herrin to make sure it is acceptable.

Click Here for an animation which reviews concepts of the proposed development to date.

Click Here for an introduction to W3D.

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