Industry Best Practice
Well Planning Process and Workflow


Best Practices:


Organization of these html pages:

  • The . . . at the top of each page except index.html connects back to index.html
  • The top bluebar connects to the Process Model Node Tree, named a Best Practice Knowledge BackboneSM
  • The bottom bluebar connects to the Tools, Contractors, Resources, Mechanisms, etc. for carrying out the Process

Scope of Work:

In the limited time available to create this Best Practices, it was decided to focus on a Process Model of Well Planning Process and Workflow. There was minimal direction from the contracting group in regards to how Shell packages Industry Best Practices. Therefore, some pages defining this Best Practice Approach were prepared as introductory material. The key deliverable is a Business Process Model of the Well Planning Process, along with a breakdown of the Inputs, Controls, Outputs, and Mechanisms tied to this Model. The Model was created using IDEF-0, a formal modeling language, which can be developed with several different software packages. IDEF-Design by MetaSoft in Cambridge, MA was used to build this Model. The derived Node Tree is made available as an Excel spread-sheet. Decompositions of individual activities are captured as GIF images, and organized using standard HTML.

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