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The Good LFP Guide

Lithology & Fluid Prediction from Seismic LTD principal Sean McQuaid and Roice Nelson announce a joint venture between LFP Seismic Ltd. and Walden 3-D, Inc. allowing and encouraging Walden 3-D and EarthView Associates to market the Good LFP Guide in conjunction with LFP Seismic's marketing and sales efforts.

Dr. Sam LeRoy is the Project Leader and Roice Nelson is the first team member on this project. More information will be posted as the materials are received from London.

The Good LFP Guide is a suite of files that are interconnected (hyperlinked) using the HTML format. The files are located in directories: LFP, CH, TOV, RPROP, and MTM. Walden 3-D anticipates being able to demonstrate The Good LFP Guide at your site using your NetScape Browser by the end of March 1996. These files will be made available for you to download upon your executing a contract with LFP Seismic Ltd.

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