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____A3231 Access Core Design Skills ____A2231 Access Core Geotechnical Skills ___A23511 Acquire Geological, Geophysical, and Engineering Data _____A323 Aggregate Design Entities _____A223 Aggregate Geotechnical Entities A23512342 Apply Total-Vertical-Time / Total-Vertical-Depth Correction if ____A3353 Automatic Assembly of Components into Built Form ____A3352 Automatic Construction of Project Components _____A423 Benchmark Philosophical Understanding Relative to Current Quest A23511231 Build Continuous Measured Depth Files ____A3322 Build Entity-Relationship Model of an Ideal Design Solution __A235122 Build Structural and Stratigraphic Framework _A2351234 Calculate and Correct Pay Summaries A23512163 Calculate Formation Dip and Strike A23512341 Calculate Pay Summaries Include Wet Sand so Sand Counts Can Be A23512323 Calculate Permeability A23512321 Calculate Porosity A23512322 Calculate Water Saturation __A235121 Calibrate Logs and Seismic _A2351212 Calibrate Shallowest Log Depth _____A252 Capture Contribution of Geotechnical Virtual Team Members _____A352 Capture Contribution of Virtual Design Team Members ______A13 Characterize Opportunities A23512313 Choose Appropriate Depositional Model for Each Correlatable Int ____A3311 Collect Data and Audit Site ____A2311 Collect Geological, Geophysical, and Engineering Background Data _____A424 Compare Current Question to Existing Philosophy ______A42 Compare Evaluation to Existing Philosophy ___A42242 Compare to Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom in the W3D A23511234 Confirm Directional Drilling Information A23511241 Confirm or Convert Seismic Data Tapes to SEGY Format A23512162 Convert Dip and Azimuth to Depth A23511232 Correct and Convert Log Data _A2351131 Correlate True-Vertical-Depth Logs A23512151 Create Modified Time/Depth Table(s) A23512324 Define Fluid Contacts Oil/Gas Oil/Water Gas/Water _____A312 Define Customer Design Requirements _____A212 Define Customer Geotechnical Requirements __A323434 Define Design Deliverables ___A32343 Define Design Working Procedures ___A23512 Define Earth Model __A223434 Define Geotechnical Deliverables ___A22343 Define Geotechnical Working Procedures _A2351232 Define Hydrocarbon Extent _A2351233 Define Risk Categories A23512161 Derive Dip and Azimuth from the Seismic Data A23512123 Derive Specific Time/Depth Function for Each Well _____A311 Describe Design Project and Sign Agreement _____A211 Describe Geotechnical Project and Sign Agreement ____A3341 Design and Visualize Ranked Built Form Alternatives ______A31 Determine Customer Built Form Requirements ______A21 Determine Customer Geotechnical Requirements and Budget ____A3313 Determine Design Parameters ____A2313 Determine Geotechnical Parameters _______A4 Develop Philosophy _____A251 Disband Geotechnical Virtual Team _____A351 Disband Virtual Design Team ______A25 Dissolve Geotechnical Virtual Team and Document Work ______A35 Dissolve Virtual Design Team and Document Work _A2351223 Do Detailed Structural Analysis ______A43 Enhance Philosophy A23511233 Enter Depth Markers __A323433 Establish Design Quality Standards _A2351121 Establish Geotechnical Project Data Base __A223433 Establish Geotechnical Quality Standards A23512121 Establish Seismic Time at Shallowest Log Depth ______A41 Evaluate a Report or Inconsistency _____A333 Evaluate Design Alternatives _____A233 Evaluate Geotechnical Alternatives ______A22 Form Geotechnical Virtual Team ____A3233 Form Design Bidding Consortium ____A2233 Form Geotechnical Bidding Consortium ______A32 Form Virtual Design Team A23512131 Generate Acoustic and Density Logs Representative of Observed H ____A3351 Generate Construction Drawings A23512312 Generate Continuous Geologic Time Curve for Discriminators in P _A2351213 Generate Depth Position Logs _A2351235 Generate Displays A23512352 Generate Key Cross-Section Displays _A2351211 Generate Logs and Synthetics A23512351 Generate Posted Basemaps of Petrophysical Results A23512132 Generate Synthetic Seismograms Representative of Actual Hydroca A23512112 Hydrocarbon Fill Acoustic Logs Density Logs Use Extracted Wav _____A213 Identify Geotechnical Project Enhancements _____A321 Identify Required Design Skills _____A331 Identify Design Domain Attributes _____A314 Identify Design Project Enhancements __A323435 Identify Enhancements and New Design Opportunities __A223435 Identify Enhancements and New Geotechnical Opportunities _____A231 Identify Geotechnical Domain Attributes _______A1 Identify Need _____A313 Identify New Design Opportunities _____A214 Identify New Geotechnical Opportunities ______A11 Identify Possible Opportunities _____A221 Identify Required Geotechnical Skills _____A335 Implement Design Solution _____A235 Implement Geotechnical Solution A23512152 Import Modified Time/Depth Table(s) to Log Processing Software _______A3 Improve Environments A23512122 Integrate Synthetic Acoustic Travel-Time Curve ___A23513 Interpret Reservoir Extent _____A343 Invoice Design Client _____A243 Invoice Geotechnical Client _____A332 List Design Alternatives ____A3323 List Design Alternatives Based on E-R Model _____A232 List Geotechnical Alternatives _A2351214 Load Depth Data onto Workstation A23512141 Load Depth Position Logs A23511243 Load Location Data and Build Seismic Project, then Load Depth Data A23512143 Load or Calculate Synthetic Seismogram _A2351134 Load Seismic Data A23512142 Load Well-Specific Time/Depth Tables _______A0 Make a Difference ____A2352 Obtain Additional Geotechnical Data ______A34 Obtain Customer Acceptance ______A24 Obtain Customer Acceptance for Geotechnical Work A23512311 Obtain Most Current Log Correlations and Revise Geologic Marker A23511222 Obtain Well Position Logs ____A3234 Organize Design Virtual Team __A235112 Organize Geotechnical Project Data Bases ____A2234 Organize Geotechnical Virtual Team ____A3312 Pattern Analysis of Design Data _____A341 Perform Quality Control Design Check on Report _____A241 Perform Quality Control Geotechnical Check on Report _A2351222 Perform Detailed Sequence Stratigraphy Analysis _______A2 Perform Geotechnical Consulting ____A2312 Perform Geotechnical Pattern Analysis ____A2351 Perform Integrated Geotechnical Interpretation __A235123 Perform Petrophysical Evaluation __A323421 Pick Design Team Members _A2351216 Pick Dip and Azimuth from Seismic __A223421 Pick Geotechnical Team Members A23511235 Plot True-Vertical-Depth Log of Raw Data _A2351133 Post Paleo Reports _A2351135 Post-Stack Seismic Processing __A235113 Prepare Geotechnical Data for Interpretation _A2351122 Prepare Map Data For Geotechnical Project Data Base __A235131 Prepare Oil-In-Place Isopach Displays A23511223 Prepare Proper Scale and Format of Seismic Basemaps A23511221 Prepare Proper Scale and Format of Well Locations _A2351124 Prepare Seismic Data for Project Data Base _A2351123 Prepare Well Log Data for Project Data Base _____A342 Present Design Project Report to Client _____A242 Present Geotechnical Project Report to Client __A235133 Reconcile Reservoir Volume and Cumulative Production _____A324 Reconfigure Design Entities _____A224 Reconfigure Geotechnical Entities ______A12 Refine Opportunities __A235132 Relate Cumulative Production to Remaining Reserves ___A42221 Review Best Practice and Continuous Improvement Philosophy ___A42223 Review Design Philosophy _____A422 Review Existing Philosophy ___A42222 Review Exploration and Production Philosophy ____A4223 Review Intellectual Philosophy ___A42231 Review Latter-Day Saint Philosophy ___A42241 Review Other Philosophies ___A42233 Review Other Related Intellectual Philosophies ____A4224 Review Other Related Philosophy ___A42212 Review Other Relevant Spiritual Philosophies ___A42224 Review Other Temporal and Business Philosophies ___A42232 Review Project Mind Philosophy _____A421 Review Report, Evaluation, and/or Inconsistency ____A4221 Review Spiritual Philosophy _A2351132 Review Surrounding Well Control ___A42211 Review Teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Sa ____A4222 Review Temporal Philosophy __A235134 Review Wellbore Utilization and Recommend Workover/Drilling Pro A23511242 Run CHKSEGY and 2-D or 3-D BCM ____A3343 Select Best Design Alternative _____A322 Select Design Skills ___A32341 Select Design Team Leader ___A32342 Select Design Team Members _____A222 Select Geotechnical Skills ___A22341 Select Geotechnical Team Leader ___A22342 Select Geotechnical Team Members _____A334 Select/Optimize Design Alternatives _____A234 Select/Optimize Geotechncial Alternatives __A323431 Set Design Project Budget __A323432 Set Design Project Schedule and Milestones __A223431 Set Geotechnical Project Budget __A223432 Set Geotechnical Project Schedule and Milestones __A235111 Set Up Project and Inventory Geotechnical Data _A2351215 Shift Synthetics to Match Seismic ______A33 Solve Customer Design Requirements ______A23 Solve Customer Geotechnical Requirements ____A3321 Study Design Projects Analogous to Customer Requirements _A2351221 Tie Project into Regional Sequence Stratigraphy __A323422 Train Design Team Members __A223422 Train Geotechnical Team Members _A2351231 Use Correlations to Choose Depositional Models ____A3232 Use Design Supplier Chain ____A2232 Use Geotechnical Supplier Chain ____A3342 Visualize Juxtaposition of Built Form With the Natural Environm A23512111 Wet Conditions Sandfrac FPG GT (SYNGEN) Synthetic Density Acou

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