... Eighth Annual Nelson Grandkids Summer Science Camp

2017 Science Camp Notebook:

For pdf of Science Camp Notebook printed for participants click here,
for the 174 page book the printed books were taken from click here, and
to download the 140 MB PowerPoint version of the 174 page Science Camp book click here.

Science Camp Book Sections:

  1. Geography: 1_Geography.pdf
  2. Genetics: 2_Genetics.pdf
  3. Genealogy: 3_Genealogy.pdf
  4. Grandma: 4_Grandma.pdf
  5. Grandpa: 5_Grandpa.pdf
  6. Geology: 6_Geology.pdf
    1. Tectonics & Stratigraphy: 6b_Geology-structure.pdf
    2. Structure: 6b_Geology-structure.pdf
    3. Mineralization: 6c_Geology-mineralization.pdf
  7. Geophysics: 7_Geophysics.pdf
    1. Introduction: 7a_Geophysics-Intro.pdf
    2. 2-D Seismic: 7b_2-D_Seismic.pdf
    3. 3-D Display: 7c_3-D_Display.pdf
    4. 3-D Seismic & Modeling: 7d_3-D_Seismic_Modeling.pdf
    5. Landmark Graphics: 7e_Landmark_Graphics.pdf
    6. Water: 7f_Geophysics-Water.pdf
    7. Lightning: 7g_Geophysics-Lightning.pdf
  8. Guitar: 8_Guitar.pdf

Other Information and Photos:

Directory with Grandpa's Photos
Directory with Grandma's Photos
Directory with Ben's Photos
Directory with Paul's Photos
Directory with Melanie's Photos
Directory with Aunt Sara's Photos

Photo to right taken at the Harvest Moon, Fall 2016.
Used as cover photo for http://www.psalmscountdown.net

For a list of cousins buried in
the Cedar City Cemetery Click Here

To go to "An Open Mind" Click Here

To go to a link to "Stand Back Up" pdf Click Here

To go to working pdf files for "Prime Words" Click Here


  1. Grandpa Nelson
  2. Grandma Nelson
  3. Ben Nelson
  4. Paul Nelson
  5. Ethan Nelson
  6. Grant Nelson
  7. Colby Nelson
  8. Taylor Wright
  9. Ella Nelson
  10. Rachel Lee
  11. Halle Wright
  12. Sophie Waldron
  13. Dallin Nelson
  14. Ian Lee
  15. Avalyn Wright

Our family has deep roots in Iron County. As a Family History Consultant, I have learned a lot more about our family.
For instance, Nelson's have 2 direct ancestors who were born in the 1790's who are burried in the Cedar City Cemetary.
I am documenting relatives born in the Cedar City Cemetary, and you can review this documentation at http://www.walden3d.com/ccc

Assignments for 2017 Science Camp:

  1. Download the html source for your page;
  2. Update the html source with your own content;
  3. Send it back to Grandpa to post (rnelson@walden3d.com);and
  4. Grandpa will update your web page.