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TABLE 1. Individuals who made a difference continued,
their Religious Background and the difference they made:
Years Name Religion Known For
1805-1844 Joseph Smith, Jr. Mormon Founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
1809-1865 Abraham Lincoln Christian Lawyer then U.S. President
1809-1882 Charles Darwin Church of England Geological and biological observations resulted in "On the Origin of Species"
1817-1862 Henry David Thoreau Transcendentalist Author and naturalist
1822-1895 Louis Pasteur Humanist Founder of microbilogical studies and germ theory
1847-1922 Alexander Graham Bell Unitarian-Universalists Inventor of telephone, hydrofoil, and laid the scientific basis for fiber optics.
1847-1931 Thomas Edison Morals rather than theology Invenor of telegraphs, phonograph, electric lighting industry
1861?-1943 George Washington Carver Christian American Botanist and educator who developed more than 300 by-products from peanuts and sweet potatoes
1867-1912; 1871-1948 Wilber and Orville Wright Christian First powered flight
1869-1948 Mohandas Gandhi Hindu, Buddihist, Christian Lawyer proving force of arms can not prevail against force of spirit
1874-1965 Winston Churchill Anglican Prime Minister of England during World War II
1879-1955 Albert Einstein Jewish Physicist tied to bomb, Big Bang, quantum physics, and modern electronics
1881-1955 Alexander Fleming ? Discovered penicillin and wrote numerous papers on bacteriology,immunology and chemotherapy
1882-1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt Episcopalian Politician who guided US trhough Great Depression and World War II
1884-1967 Casimir Funk Jewish Biochemist who found vitamins B1, B2, C, & D are necessary toavoid beriberi, scrvey, and rickets
1885-1962 Niels Bohr Pantheism Identified atomic structure
1906-1971 Philo Farnsworth Mormon Invented Cathode-Ray Tube and Television
1907-1964 Rachel Carson Pantheism Book Silent Spring prompted creation of Environmental Protection Agency
1914-1995 Jonas Salk Jewish Developed polio Vaccine
1935-1977 Elvis Presley Baptist Musician who popularized rock and roll
1955-Present Tim Berners-Lee Unitarian Defined world wide web
timedex infinite grid