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Knowledge BackboneSM Conceptual Overview

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The Knowledge BackboneSM allows experience to be accumulated and disseminated within context. Capturing experience and extracting knowledge provides competitive advantage and adds documentable value to intellectual capital. Quantifying the value of intellectual property (IP) allows clients to document IP assets on their balance sheets and to economically justify rewarding employees for IP contributions. Formal methodologies for knowledge documentation enable either Kyoto or ISO-14,000 compliance (the environmental compliance standard, which defines "Green Companies"). The Knowledge BackboneSM cataloging, i.e. indexing, of skills, processes, resources, and solutions creates dynamic documentation of continuously improving Best Practices. Company wide implementation provides workers just-in-time learning and leaders the tools for "management by wire." This integrated documentation and learning process creates a solid knowledge-based foundation for business growth.

As we enter the 21st Century, most jobs are becoming more complex. Those individuals and organizations who are good at doing complex jobs have the ability to integrate the consequences of individual job components with their experience, in order to make good judgments, which often creates better solutions. This holistic approach comes with experience. Making individual employee and corporate experience available to all employees through the Knowledge BackboneSM increases overall corporate knowledge.

On the other hand, organizations regularly lose worker's knowledge. It is difficult to distribute experience to knowledge workers located in different parts of the world. There is often a gap between knowledge acquisition and technology transfer. Often companies do not have access to industry costs, best practices, benchmarks, and lookbacks necessary to understand how competitive they are. The Knowledge BackboneSM solves these problems by providing a common location, for functional and for cross-discipline capturing of experience and extraction of knowledge.

At Walden 3-D, Inc. we are experimenting with using the Knowledge BackboneSM technology in a small consulting operation. However, it appears the overhead associated with corporate-wide implementation of the Knowledge BackboneSM currently limits widespread use to large integrated companies. The technology does have universal applicability. However, the Knowledge TemplatesSM developed to date are for the upstream oil and gas industry. This conceptual overview introduces the technology and encourage you and your company to adopt the Knowledge BackboneSM as your knowledge management system.

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