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Management Team:

H. Roice Nelson, Jr.

  • As the initial founder of Landmark Graphics, Roice was involved in changing how all oil and gas companies explore for hydrocarbons. Specifically, the interactive 3-D seismic interpretation technologies pioneered at Landmark is accepted as essential for modern oil and gas exploration. (see Article from The Leading Edge, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists monthly magazine.)
  • After leaving Landmark Graphics Roice started HyperMedia Corporation, which prototyped an Internet type browser for UNIX, X-Windows, Client-Server Environments in 1988 (while still at Landmark), and commercialized it just as Mosaic became available as freeware. Saudi Aramco paid over $500,000. for a corporate license for this software.
  • In 1998 Roice started Walden Visualization systems (WVS), which merged with Energy Innovations and became Continuum Resources Corporation. Continuum built the first commercial 3-D visualization oil & gas theater. Continuum pioneered simultaneous collaboration in Melborne, Australia, London, England, and Houston Texas in 3-D virtual space on integrated well and seismic projects with terrabytes of data.
  • The opportunity to commercialize technologies developed at Columbia University in New York City and Cornell University in Ithica, led to Roice starting Dynamic Resources Corporation, which he put in mothballs in the fall of 2003 because of a lack of funding. There are currently proposals out to 3 companies to fund DRC.
  • Roice went to work for Geophysical Development Corporation, now Geokinetics, opening China with major projects in Ji Dong, Da Qing, Tarim, and Tuha Oilfields. He also managed the repackaging and updating of the GDC geophysical rock properties database for the Gulf of Mexico.

The following will be expanded once there is an agreement in place:

Lyle Rowbury: Contracts

  • Retired Exxon

Mic Patterson: Design/Build

  • Founder Advanced Structures Incorporated

Raymond Gardner: Architect

  • Senior Partner at Gardner Architect Partnership

E.J. Rogers: Lawyer

  • Corporate Law Partner at Andrews Kurth LLP.

Merril Littlewood: Accountant

  • Partner at Griffing & Company, P.C.

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