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A Brief History
  • Walden 3-D, Inc. was founded on 18 May 1990:
    • H. Roice Nelson, Jr. has 100% of the stock in W3D.
    • As mentioned in the "Introduction to W3D," the company has acted as a new company incubator, a geophysical consultancy, and as a think tank.
    • Urban Design projects have been undertaken for
      1. the Maud Marks Ranch at Barker Cypress and Kingsland in Barker, Texas,
      2. Barker Reservoir in far west Houston,
      3. The River Loop in Columbus, Texas,
      4. Red Cove in Cedar City, Utah, and
      5. 150 acres at Jack Road and adjacent to 5500 acres of Katy Prairie Conservancy land north of Katy.
      None of these projects have been built yet.
    • Each of the companies W3D has nurtured as a company incubator was started to provide a critical component of building a new kind of city:
      1. Computer Genealogical Services was to provide a multi-generational link between citizens. This work was done in 1978-1979 well before current computer genealogical program development.
      2. Landmark Graphics was formed, at least in Roice Nelson's mind, to provide an economic and demographic basis for the new city. Landmark was sold to Halliburton for $560 million in the mid-1990's. Landmark subsurface mapping technologies will map the foundation for a 3-D city.
      3. China Cattle Corporation was formed to raise beef for the new cities. 10,000 acres was provided to CCC in mainland China, and the project fell apart after the Tinnamin Square massacre.
      4. HyperMedia Corporation was formed to provide an information infrastructure for the new city. The UNIX, Motif, Client-Server, hypertext engine was first built in 1988, 4 years before Mosaic and then NetScape set the standard for hypertext technology, tying the Internet to modern life.
      5. Advanced Structures Incorporated was formed to build the envelope for the new city. The principals built Biosphere 2, and during the 15 years before ASI was purchased by another construction company, they built some of the most impressive structures in America:
        • A 17 story basketball arena for UC Long Beach in the shape of a pyramid.
        • A 185 foot floating glass wall for the library at Vanderbilt University.
        • A collapsible tent restaurant in San Diego.
        • Numerous transit stations in the U.S. and Taiwan.
        • Etc., Etc., Etc.
      6. Continuum Resources Corporation was formed to allow virtual realty visualization of the new city, and selection from available options by prospective inhabitants. Continuum was doing real-time collaboration with gigabyte 3-D seismic surveys and geoscientists in Perth, Australia, in London, England, and in Houston, Texas in 1999.
      7. vPatch, or the Virtual Oil Patch, was established to provide portfolio management and real-time monitoring of data from oil fields. These same systems can be used to measure and monitor components of the new city.
      8. Heritage Galleries On-Line was formed to provide art for inhabitants of the new city.
      9. Dynamic Resources Corporation, and it's predecessor Dynamic Oil & Gas Corporation, were formed to provide energy to the new city. DRC's proprietary technologies have demonstrated dynamically replenishing reservoirs in the Gulf Coast. Investment is being sought for this work.
      Although most of these projects have not been financial successes, they have each been a technical success. W3D has kept proprietary rights to key concepts developed at each company, has an excellent working relationship with the principals of these different companies, and will bring this technology and expertise together to support the Deerwood Project.
    • If the Deerwood Project proceeds, W3D will be the General Contractor. The real work will be done by groups from the NetWork with a proven performance track record with their component of the project.
  • A convention for Walden 3-D, Inc. incubated companies is to have a blue bar at the top of web pages, tied to a process index called The Knowledge BackboneSM, and a blue bar at the bottom of web pages, tied to a spatial index called The Infinite GridSM. In addition, the W3D logo is linked to the Deerwood Project home page.

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