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The Walden 3-D, Inc. Design Process:
  1. Identify Need: Potential customer reviews a design problem with a W3D representative. If appropriate, the scope is defined and a contract is negotiated.
  2. Collect Data: Data are collected as maps and data-base tables and converted into interlocking matrices.
  3. Pattern Analysls: Data are processed to produce patterns and patterns of patterns, which are used to determine the invariant polynomials of the data sets.
  4. Parameter Determination: Parameters necessary to build a comptuer version of the built form are determined automaticaly from the invariant polynomials and from experience.
  5. E-R Modeling: The patterns and parameters are used to assist building an enterprise plan and the related entity-relationship models.
  6. Visualization: The built form is simulated in 3-D using a scientific workstation and performance is optimized.
  7. Construction Drawings: If required, construction drawings are produced automatically from the visualization.
  8. Automated Assembly: If appropriate, the visualization drives robotic generation of subassemblies.
  9. Built Form: The design is completely implented. Operation and maintenance schedules are established.

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