. . . IG4 Map of Prospects in the United States, Belize, and Columbia.

The map below is an image capture. During 2002, as Dynamic Resources is funded, these maps will be turned into live JAVA-based html files, which will allow business partners to explore any Prospects within an Infinite GridSM cell; either:

  1. as Public Domain Information; or
  2. under the terms of a mutually executed confidentiality agreement.
Note that the IG4 grid cells in this image (see ig/index.html for a description of the Infinite GridSM) are colored as shown in the Key. The Infinite Grid(sup>SM allows extensive amounts of information to be stored in spread-sheets. This approach also allows Boolean operations between IG grid cells, and assists Partners in rapidly ranking opportunities based on their internal risk criteria.

By clicking here, or on the image below, you will go to an IG3 Map of US, Belize, and Columbia CLPs in Dynamic's portolio as of 02 January 2002.

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