. . . SEG's Mystery Line 1

Friday evening, 12Jan96, while reading The Leading Edge, the challenge to interpret Mystery Line 1 was discovered. Saturday, 13Jan96, the section was scanned and a stratal interpretation done using the HyperEdge software. This same procedure can be performed with a yellow pencil on a paper section within a few minutes. Based on the bright events on the left and the right sides of the section, two proposed locations were identified (for detailed look go to #1 and/or #2). The images referenced above were posted on the world-wide-web on Saturday afternoon. The velocity pushdown in under the central reef buildup could also be due to gas and thus be the better drilling location. Remember, this is, after all, a single-line interpretation with no supporting geological information other than the seismic line is located in a Tertiary basin. On Monday Scott Bowman will be approached about using the stratal patterns as a basis of modeling the evolution of the basin and we will post the results we obtain here.

To evaluate this interpretation start by clicking on Line 1 here or above and it will take you to a scanned (and lightened) image of the problem. Then click on the image to advance to the next image in the presentation. The ( . . .) will take you to the previous image, and clicking on the title will bring you back to this page. To see the entire view of each of the images you need a monitor with 1280x1024 of pixel resolution. The images showing the interpretation range from 40KB to 360KB in size.

On Wednesday, 17Jan96, Scott and Roice were talking about the interpretation problem. Scott asked for 10 horizons across the entire section to use as input into Marco Polo's stratigraphic simulation software. The resulting enhancement to the stratal interpretation became the input he requested.

On Thursday, 18Jan96, Laura Kay Ethetton came in to work on a joint paper with Scott. Showed her the problem and the interpretations to date. Knowing no more than Scott or Roice about the basin, she did a "flakey back-of-the-envelope risk analysis." Laura Kay concluded that even with a 6% Ps (Probability of Success) in the described reconnanssance stage, there is not enough information to derive economic value and so she recommends a farm-out.

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Scott has been very busy with customers and development, but he has read the horizons generated with HyperEdge and will post model results when they are available. The first step will be to create a paleowater depth model.

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