. . . How W3D Improves Environments

See Advanced Structures Incorporated and The Gardner Partnership Architects

  1. Determine Customer Built Form Requirements
    1. Describe Design Project and Sign Agreement
    2. Define Customer Design Requirements
    3. Identify Design Project Enhancements
    4. Identify New Design Opportunities
  2. Form Virtual Design Team
    1. Identify Required Design Skills
    2. Select Design Skills
    3. Aggregate Design Entities
    4. Reconfigure Design Entities
  3. Solve Customer Design Requirements
    1. Identify Design Domain Attributes
    2. List Design Alternatives
    3. Evaluate Design Alternatives
    4. Select/Optimize Design Alternatives
    5. Implement Design Solution
  4. Obtain Design Customer Acceptance
    1. Perform Design Quality Control Check on Report
    2. Present Design Project Report to Client
    3. Invoice Design Client
  5. Dissolve Virtual Design Team and Document Work
    1. Disband Virtual Design Team
    2. Capture Contribution of Virtual Design Team Members

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