. . . The W3D Agile Virtual Enterprise

Agile Virtual Enterprises:

The following outlines the steps of forming and disolving a Virtual team:

(A Walden 3-D geotechnical team is used for the example, but the concept is generic across disciplines.)

A22 ____Form Geotechnical Virtual Team
A221 ____Identify Required Geotechnical Skills
A222 ____Select Geotechnical Skills
A223 ____Aggregate Geotechnical Entities
A2231 _____Access Core Geotechnical Skills
A2232 _____Use Geotechnical Supplier Chain
A2233 _____Form Geotechnical Bidding Consortium
A2234 _____Organize Geotechnical Virtual Team
A22341 ______Select Geotechnical Team Leader
A22342 ______Select Geotechnical Team Members
A223421 _______Pick Geotechnical Team Members
A223422 _______Train Geotechnical Team Members
A22343 ______Define Geotechnical Working Procedures
A223431 _______Set Geotechnical Project Budget
A223432 _______Set Geotechnical Project Schedule and Milestones
A223433 _______Establish Geotechnical Quality Standards
A223434 _______Define Geotechnical Deliverables
A223435 _______Identify Enhancements and New Geotechnical Opportunities
A224 ____Reconfigure Geotechnical Entities

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