Welcome to - A Brief History

W3D incorporated on 18 May 1990.

The company track record is as an entreprenurial incubator focused on:
geotechnical consulting designing responsive environments formalizing synergistic philosophies

Companies, organizations, and services co-founded prior to W3D's incorporation include:
  1. University of Houston's Allied Geophysical Laboratories, http://www.agl.uh.edu, 1981->
  2. Landmark Graphics Corporation, http://www.lgc.com, 15 December 1982->

  1. China Cattle Corporation,
    29 November 1989-1994
  2. Barker, Texas Design Project, .../w3d_old/design/W3D89A, 29 November 1989->

  1. The Keynotes, 1964-1967, then The Mydknight Hour, 1967-1969
  2. Computer Genealogical Services, 1978-1979
    Personal Implementation 2005 (see: Genealogy: Nelson and Hafen)

Companies, organizations, and services co-founded after incorporation include:

  1. HyperMedia Corporation, http://www.walden3d.com/hmc96, 04 January 1991->
    (HyperMedia is inactive, although the UNIX, X-Windows, Motif, Client-Server hypertext software
    - first developed in 1988 at Landmark - is available and is regularly used on consulting jobs.
    W3D's plan for HMC is to use hypertext technology for information handling for a new type of city.)
  2. Dynamic Oil & Gas Corporation, http://www.walden3d.com/dynamic, 22 May 1991->
    (Dynamic Oil & Gas Corporation is inactive; kept the name for future use.
    W3D's plan for Dynamic is to provide energy for a new type of city.)
  3. Advanced Structures Incorporated, http://www.asidesign.com, 31 July 1991-> 15 April 2007
    (W3D's plans for ASI technologies to provide the framework for a new type of city.)
  4. The Global Basin Research Network, September 1992->2005.
    (W3D hopes the GBRN will demonstrate dynamic replenishment of certain types of oil and gas fields.)
  5. Virtual Seminars, On-Line or Classroom Courses and Seminars, 11 June 1996 -> 2003
    (www.virtual-seminars.com was not renewed in 2003, although this is still a forum to present W3D projects.)
  6. Knowledge BackboneSM, http://www.walden3d.com/knowledge_backboneSM, 05 September 1996->
    (W3D belives a variation of this technology will index all activities in a new type of city.)
  7. Walden Visualization Systems Corporation, http://www.walden3d.com/wvs/index.htm, 1997->1999
    (WVS became Continuum Resources. W3D's plan is to use VR techologies to design and sell new cities.)
  8. Creative Enterprise Solutions, LLC or CES, LLC, 1998->1999
    (W3D's New York City counterpart incubator, inactive now, and with several technologies available to W3D.)
  9. Heritage Galleries On-Line Corporation, August 1998->2003
    (W3D plans to use HGOL concepts to provide art for a new type of city.)
  10. Continuum Resources International Corporation, http://www.walden3d.com/wvs/index.html,
    01 January 1999 -> December 2000 (Continuum still active in London at Imperial College as of June 2003.)
  11. North American RC-SIG, http://www.walden3d.com/rcsig, 31 January 1999-> May 2001
    (W3D used this forum to better understand bounds and limits of Virtual Reality.)
  12. vPatch, LLC, 1999->2003
    (W3D has access to vPatch technologies, including web based project management,
    real-time measurement and monitoring of field data, etc. This project was incubated by CES.)
  13. Periodic Newsletter / Virtual Seminar, http://www.walden3d.com/journal, 28 Sep -> Dec 2000
    (W3D saw this as a medium to share learnings, however there has been no interest to date.)
  14. Dynamic Resources Corporation, http://www.walden3d.com/dynamic, 16 Jan 2001->
    Dynamic is a virtual oil company, taking advantage of an extensive NetWork of geoprofesssionals to
    1. to put together new deals, and
    2. to outsource exploration for participation, after all fees are recovered.
    The advantages of Dynamic's approach include:
    • Cheaper, because payment is tied to results;
    • Faster, because the only people assigned to projects have appropriate experience; and
    • Better, because everyone is smarter than anyone.
  15. Abbott's On-Line Atlas, http://www.walden3d.com/Abbott, 12 May 2001->
    (This continues a project started in 1988 to build an on-line library of outcrop, log, and seismic geologic analogs. This is a Dynamic TMI [Technologies of Mutual Interest] and supports Dynamic's AMIs [Areas of Mutual Interest].)
  16. . . .

W3D is reforming the The HyperEdge Expert Association as the The W3D NetWork of Minds.
We are negotiating large contracts, which require extensive teams to complete. Participants will be selected from those who take the initiative to be involved in the NetWork. The steps for involvement are:
  1. Define where you have project experience by:
    1. downloading a gridded map:
    2. use photoshop or a similar tool to color in those grid cells where you have worked projects; and
    3. number the colored cells.
  2. Cross-reference the numbers defining where you worked with your resume.
  3. Forward both documents to dynamic@walden3d.com.

W3D's name derives from the book "Walden, or Life in the Woods" by Henry David Thoreau.
The company name extends "Walden" to "Walden 3", mirroring the title of B. F. Skinner's book "Walden 2,"
and then adding "-D," to describe the idea of three-dimensional computer visualization
and three-dimensional intelligent cities, built around people rather than cars.

This material is posted on the World-Wide-Web for the purposes of:

  • sharing what we have learned,
  • finding new customers, and
  • identifying kindred spirits.

To assist navigation of this web site, the blue bar at the top of each page at this site is tied to
a Knowledge BackboneSM of the activities in the section the page is related to.
The blue bar at the bottom of each page is tied to the Infinite GridSM.

Many of the pages on this site include megabyte+ images.

The Founder / Finder and an initial technical contact is H. Roice Nelson, Jr.:
Spatial Resume, First Page Spatial Resume Input, Excel Resume (note cells might need resizing),
Consulting Resume (pdf), Expanded Resume, Oil & Gas Vita, or
Article in The Leading Edge, July 2003 (pdf), or
Article by the CSEG Recorder, January 2008 (pdf)

Those interested in participating in the NetWork e-mail: info@walden3d.com.

This page is at: http://www.walden3d.com/w3d_history.html

For further information contact:

Walden 3-D, Inc., P.O. Box 382, Barker, TX 77413-0382
- 281.579.0172 - facsimile: 281.579.2141 - cell: 713.542.2207 -
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