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As time has passed, most of Walden 3-D, Inc.'s geotechnical consulting is performed through Dynamic Resources Corporation. However, the gift of two life-time licenses to Landmark Graphics geophysical interpertation software is still administrated through Walden 3-D, Inc. This page provides links to results from some of the geotechnical consulting jobs Walden and Dynamic have undertaken:

TexasShackelford County2004The Cook Ranch Field is one of the oldest oil and gas fields in the U.S. This study evaluated a 3-D seismic survey over this area, mapping 12 prospects, and identifying 34+ Leads. The leases seem to be in dispute, and the project has made no progress towards drilling opportunities, and so it is being made available for review by potential clients, and will be removed if requested by John Benard.
IraqProposed Iraq Virtual Oil Company2003Put together a spatial index of Iraq, along with a process model for the proposed Iraq Virtual Oil Company, and related information for Swede Nelson, retired President of Chevron Overseas, who has since died. This project has not been pursued further.
IndonesiaFletcher Enterprises2003Maps, summary posters, and reports were made from 3-D seismic for three areas. The project was put up for sale, and there has been no communication for several years. The project is presented to demonstrate interpretation prowess, and will be removed from public view if requested.
IndiaPhoenix Hydrocarbons2003Regional 2-D seismic interpretation of Block RJ-ON/6 in the Shahgarh sub-basin of the Lower Indus basin. Nice examples of the trapping potential of clinoforms, interpretation of two key target areas, and identification of 45 Leads. Several unsuccessful wells have been drilled. Was asked to remove links to pages 22 May 2008, which was done.
TexasBoling Salt Dome1996Integrated a 2-D seismic line and 2 small 3-D seismic surveys to demonstrate the viability of proposed salt dissolution cavities for storing low-grade toxic waste. The project died under public opposition.

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