Improve Environments

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Due to significant personal distractions in the founder's life (success of Landmark Graphics, failure of HyperMedia Corporation, an unsought divorce and the impact on 6 children, starting new companies, a second marriage with 4 new children, the failure of Continuum Resources, being financial forced to mothball Dynamic Resources Corporation, working for GDC/Geokinetics, etc.), Walden 3-D, Inc. has not consistently pursued the vision of "Designing Responsive Environments. However, this idea of improving how we live, and rebuilding our cities around people instead of around cars has been the consistent theme in Roice Nelson's life. The following design projects illustrate this:

TexasGalveston2007This regional study was done to illustrate the power of the Knowledge BackboneSM, the Infinite GridSM, the TimedexSM, and related technologies on managing information about a closed urban environment.
UtahRed Cove2006Red Cove Village proposal, and Red Cove initial proposal. This proposal is to purchase 45 acres of mountain mountain land, and use it to prototype W3D ideas of a city built around people and walking, creating a sustainable environment with exceptional amenities and where residents can experiment with sufficiency and stewardship.
TexasBarker1989Walden funded a study for putting a new type of community on Maudeen Marks Ranch in Barker Texas. Harris County extended Kingsland Boulevard through the middle of the property, destroying the initial plans. There was never money to purchase the property, and finally Maudeen sold the property to a Dallas developer.

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