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ICKBSummaryBasicsDetailsSupportNAICS CodesIndustry Title
1.0Manage Natural Resources
1.1Manage Land
1.1.1FarmingCICWCD111421-115116Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
1.1.2Cut LumberDNF111421-115116Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
1.1.3FishingDNF111421-115116Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
1.1.4HuntingDNF111421-115116Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
1.1.5GrazingDNF111421-115116Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
1.1.6Fire ManagementBLM
1.2Manage Subsurface
1.2.1Monitor LightningDML211111-213112Mining
1.2.1Mine IronBLM211111-213112Mining
1.2.2Mine CoalBLM211111-213112Mining
1.2.3Mine GravelIC211111-213112Mining
1.2.4Mine Other MaterialsIC211111-213112Mining
1.3Manage WaterCICWCD
1.3.1Manage Valley AquifersCICWCD
1.3.2Produce Cretaceous AquiferCICWCD
1.3.3Produce Quartz Monzonite AquiferCICWCD
1.3.4Capture CondensationCICWCD
1.4Manage Air
1.4.1Study Astronomy
1.4.2Study Clouds
2.0Produce Energy
2.1Use Hydrocarbons
2.2Capture Wind
2.3Capture Water Power
2.4Capture Other Energy
3.0Maintain Population
3.1Develop and Integrate PlansCC921130-928110Public Administration
3.1.1Measure Natural Resource Use511120-519130Information
3.1.2Monitor Measurements511120-519130Information
3.1.3Encourage ConservationBLM
3.1.4Provide Utilities221122-221310Utilities
3.1.5Waste Management and Remediation561110-562910Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services
3.1.6Office and Housing Construction236115-238992Construction
3.1.7Real Estate Rental and Leasing531110-532490Real Estate Rental and Leasing
3.2Provide Education Services611110-611710Educational Services
3.3Provide Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services541110-541990Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
3.4Manage Companies and Enterprises551112-551114Management of Companies and Enterprises
3.4.1Manufacture Products311511-339999Manufacturing
3.4.2Wholesale Trade of Products423110-425120Wholesale Trade
3.4.3Retail Trade of Products441110-454390Retail Trade
3.4.4Transport and Warehouse Products481111-492110Transportation and Warehousing
3.5Support Population
3.5.1Protect Cultural ResourcesBLM
3.5.2Provide Financing and Insurance522110-524298Finance and Insurance
3.5.3Provide Health Care and Social Services621111-624410Health Care and Social Assistance
3.5.4Provide Arts, Entertainment,and Recreation711110-713990Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
3.5.5Provide Accomodation and Food Services721110-722515Accommodation and Food Services
3.5.6Provide Other Services811111-814110Other Services (except Public Administration)

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