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These example web pages were put together to support the CICWCD (Central Iron County Water Conservancy District), in an effort
to encourage information based solutions for water problems in Iron County. The first set of web pages put together can be reviewed
at http://www.walden3d.com/IronCounty/CedarValleyWater. The web pages are build around the concept of indexed tags and classification
systems, which allow database retrieval of relevant public information by anyone with on-line access quickly and easily. The goals
are to conserve existing and find new water resources for the county. Sharing information will help create valid workable solutions.
These pages were put together by H. Roice Nelson, Jr. who grew up in Cedar Valley on the back end of a shovel on the
Starship Enterprise. The families of Roice, and his wife Andrea Shirts, have been actively involved in Cedar City and the
surrounding areas since the 1850's. They understand, at a basic level, local concerns for water, energy, agriculture, and growth.
These proof-of-concept web pages are the derivatives of developments over 40 years in the oil and gas exploration industry.
Roice is best known as a founder of Landmark Graphics Corporation, now a subsidiary of Halliburton, a giant service company.
Landmark changed the way every oil and gas company in the world explores for hydrocarbons by building the first stand-alone,
commercially successful interactive 3-D seismic interpretation workstation. Roice was the only exploration geophysicist in
the company for the first several years of the company, and got to work on customer's toughest problems all across the globe.
The proposed change to the Iron County web pages is the addition of 2 blue bars, the top one pointing to a process index, and
the bottom to a spatial index. These indices would eventually be connected to state and federal databases, semi-automatically
updating the website with the latest government information. This information becomes the basis of informed citizen decisions.
The Knowledge BackboneSM is a process index. The first step is to create a process model. This model defines activities
tied to a specific entity. The model has high level activities, and nested sub-activities. Each activity is given a unique number.
The unique number is a process index, used to provide context. The process model is extensible, allowing continuous improvement.
The Infinite GridSM is a spatial index. IG1 cells are 45o x 22.5o. IG1 cells are numbered 11 bottom left to 88 upper right.
IG2 cells are 5o x 2.5o. IG2 cells are numbered 11 bottom left to 99 upper right. IG3 cells are 1o x 30', and are numbered
11 bottom left to 55 upper right. The IG3 number for Houston is 268355. Linked IG XML calls create a natural language interface.
There are 16 years of data defining every lightning strike in the U.S. and Canada. These data are collected for insurance, meteorology,
and safety reasons. This data shows lightning strike locations are not random. The locations are tied to shallow earth currents.
These data can be used to map geology, faulting, and to create rock property volumes. These data provides an integration framework
for exploration for mineral, oil, gas, aquifers, geothermal, and other natural resources. The IG framework expands to index all spatial data.
The examples included are a first pass of key indices, including: World Topography; USA Topography; Utah Counties; Iron County extent;
Iron County Townshop & Range Map; Iron County Drainage Basins; Utah and Iron County Geology Maps; Iron County Quaternary Faults;
Geologic Cross-Sections; Stratigraphic Columns; Iron County Crop Circles; study of Southern Great Basin being under hydrostatic pressure;
3 approaches to solving water issues; 3 Aquifers; Quartz Monzonite Aquifer; Cedar Valley Aquifer; Cretaceous Aquifer; etc.


References identified and uploaded, which may be of interest to readers. Please forward other references to rnelson@walden3d.com.

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