The Philosophy of Synergism in Kenneth R. Turner's Art

Virtual Seminar Leader:

Kenneth R. Turner

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Kenneth Richard Turner has been a professional artist for 25 years and including his student years has been painting for 36 years. His paintings hang in collections around the world. One of his gifts is his ability to work with others, realizing the painting they have envisioned, a rare trait for a fine artist. He refers to the sharing of the creative process as synergism. He trained as a classical artist in the European tradition and was well grounded before he experimented with new schools and styles. He came to the realization that in his very being he is a classical artist. Kenneth Richard Turner remains in a constant state of change, learning, and development. He belives that each painting represents himself and that he must give the best of himself to every canvas. What he expresses on canvas is the N-dimensions of life. This includes the external form of things perceived by the eye, other things sensed internally. He has always thought that depth of contents and feeling are the synergistic partners of technique.

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