Prime Words: links to large scan of each painting

"Prime Words" is a set of four line stanzas describing thoughts about 797 entities (nouns), and their place as a foundation of language. The amaeur poetry was written by H. Roice Nelson, Jr. for his children and family. It is shared with the plan to eventually demonstrate a portable electronic replacement for books: ELDO (ELectronic DOcument), i.e. a hand-held, solar-powered, electronic hyperjournal. This page provides links to large (click here for link to small) scanned images of Kenneth R. Turner's 8 paintings, one for each chapter of the poem, "Prime Words:"

Prologue, Children's Portrait: 907,023 Bytes

Chapter I, Reflections of Home: 1,158,537 Bytes

Chapter 2, Music Room: 1,360,159 Bytes

Chapter 3, Back Yard: 2,070,649 Bytes

Chapter 4, Parent's Home: 1,932,317 Bytes

Chapter 5, Landscape Monuments: 1,765,328 Bytes

Chapter 6, Family Reunion: 2,121,352 Bytes

Chapter 7, St. George Temple: 2,071,715 Bytes

These paintings are shared as gif files for your enjoyment. Although there is not a Walden 3-D, Inc. copyright symbol burned into the gif capture of the paintings, they are copyrighted by Walden 3-D, Inc. and any image derived from these digital data are not to be used for commercial gain without prior written approval from Walden 3-D, Inc. For a high quality 6" x 9" print and a written description of each of these paintings please send your name, address, along with US$2.00 North America (or US$5.00 elsewhere) for postage and handling to: Walden 3-D, Inc., P.O. Box 382, Barker, TX 77413-0382, U.S.A.

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