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This page is an introduction to the consulting services and activities tied to Walden 3-D, Inc. The four major activities, as linked through the above logo, are:

  1. identifying needs where there is an opportunity to make a difference;
  2. geotechnical consulting, with an emphasis on 3-D seismic interpretation and synergistic data integration;
  3. improving environments through information, rural, and urban design; as well as
  4. developing a unified philosophy under which to work and play and live.

This material is posted on the World-Wide-Web for the purpose of finding kindred spirits, new customers, and sharing what we have learned. Clicking on the title at the top of this page links to a list of projects Walden 3-D has taken on since incorporation. The agile virtual enterprise philosophy we build our projects around and the HTML documentation process we have developed provide a truly our customers with both the quickestand the highest quality solutions for the most cost effective price and with the best integration into existing operations.

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The Founder / Finder and an initial technical contact is H. Roice Nelson, Jr.: Short Biography, Expanded Resume, Oil & Gas Vita. Additional contacts associated with the four major activities of theWalden 3-D Virtual Enterprise are listed on a separate page. If you are interested in participating email info@walden3d.com and if you are authorized you can access the walden3d contact database.

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