. . . How W3D Develops Philosophy

  1. Evalute Report or Inconsistency
  2. Compare Evaluation to Existing Philosophy
    1. Review Report, Evaluation, and/or Inconsistency
    2. Review Existing Philosophy
      1. Review Spiritual Philosophy
        1. Review Teachniigs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
        2. Review Other Relevant Spiritual Philosophies
      2. Review Temporal Philosophy
        1. Review Best Practice and Continuous Improvement Philosophy
        2. Review Exploration and Production Philosophy
        3. Review Design Philosophy
        4. Review Other Temporal and Business Philosophies
      3. Review Intellectual Philosophy
        1. Review Latter-Day Saint Philosophy
        2. Review Project Mind Philosophy
        3. Review Other Related Intellectual Philosophies
      4. Review Other Related Philosophy
        1. Review Other Philosophies
        2. Compare to Data, Infomation, Knowledge, and Wisdom in the W3D Knowledge Backbone
    3. Benchmark Philosophical Understanding Relative to Current Question
    4. Compare Current Question to Existing Philosophy
  3. Ehnance Philosophy

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