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Amenities are centered on housing built around people instead of automobiles, which creates
an environment encouraging walking and jogging as an alternative use of Segway and biking trails:
  • Personal Pampering:
    • Spa
    • Mud Baths
    • Tanning Decks
    • Pedicure and Manicure
  • Exercise Facilities:
    • Weight Rooms with treadmills, step machines, cycles, etc.
    • Community swimming pools
    • Tennis, Racketball, and Badmitten Courts
    • Hiking and biking trails
  • Social Facilities:
    • Walking or Segway access to Lakewood Golf Course
    • Stocked catfish pond
    • Rooms for Pool Tables and Ping Pong Tables
    • Video Arcade Rooms
    • Community Basketball Court / Dance Hall / Concert Hall
    • Community Theater and Opera House
    • Bowling Alley
    • Potters Wheels and Kiln
    • Recording Studios for musicians and choirs
    • Community Flower and Rose Gardens
    • Community Vegetable Garden
    • Community Restaurant and Dining Hall
  • Education Facilities:
    • Community Library with connection to Houston Libraries
    • Highspeed Internet Connection
    • Craft Areas
    • Classrooms, wired for virtual presentations by anyone on the web
    • Housing Units optionally wired for access to community edited television and education programs
    • Virtual Reality Theater, sales shop for sister communities

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