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Node Tree for Top Levels of the Knowledge BackboneSM of the Ideal Oil and Gas Company

Knowledge BackboneSM - a to-be process model of the ideal oil and gas company

This extensible process model is the source code for information and knowledge management for an oil company. As source code, it can be translated and packaged in many different ways, including as a framework for the process component of Best Practices.
Click here for pages describing the Knowledge BackBoneSM. One way to organize this indexing schema is shown in the following table:
Functional PartitionsCross-Discipline Partitions
  • Geological Sciences:
    1. Structure
    2. Stratigraphy
    3. Petrophysics
    4. Petrography
    5. Paleontology
    6. Geochemistry
  • Seismology:
    1. Acquire
    2. Process
    3. Interpret
  • Reservoir Engineering:
    1. Acquire
    2. Interpret
    3. Simulation
  • Downstream:
    1. Business
    2. Engineering
    3. Refining
    4. Transportation
    5. Marketing
  • Environmental:
    • Satellite Imagery
    • Site Surveys
    • Potential Field Surveys
    • Cross-Hole Tomography
  • Acquire Assets:
    1. Identify Opportunities
    2. Quantify Opportunities
    3. Evaluate Economics
    4. Select Acquisition
    5. Asset Purchase
  • Asset Management:
    1. Controls
    2. Financial Resources
    3. Human Resources
    4. Relationships and Leadership
  • Information Management:
    1. Acquire and Manage Technology
    2. Enterprise Model
    3. Manage Physical Assets
    4. Manage Data, Information, and Knowledge
  • Risk and Economic Analysis:
    1. Strategic Planning
    2. Prospect and Play Risk Assessment
    3. Prospect Inventory
  • Geology:
    • Basin Modeling:
    • Assess Strategic Fit
    • Interpret Regional Data
    • Evaluate Regional Economics
    • Determine Political and Engineering Uncertainty
    • Determine Risk of the Play Fairway Geologic Model
    • Evaluate Play Fairway Economics
    • Develop Risked Prospect Model
    • Calculate Areas and Volumes
    • Define Migraption Pathway
    • Define Prospect Economic Indicators
  • Sequence Stratigraphy:
    1. Outcrop Analogs
    2. Well Log Correlation
    3. Seismic Stratigraphy
    4. Stratigraphic Simulation
  • Activity Modeling

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