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Family Histories:

Examples will put together to illustrate what will be built over the years. Any book can be put on-line if the pages are digitized and put in increasing numbers. There are typos, and other errors, and when you come across them, send a note, and they will be corrected. You can step through the books by clicking on the images. However, the images do not shrink when viewed with the html border. To see the images shrunk to fit your screen, to to the images directory in each book. Thanks in advance for comments and support in collecting digital images of original sources.

A personal note from the webmaster:

The key contribution intended to be provided at this site is documentation of original sources. Anyone related to any of these individuals, and interested in helping research and document their genealogy, please:

  1. obtain a high resolution digital camera,
  2. take digital photos of original sources (birth certificates, wedding certificates, death certificates, tombstones, parish records, etc.),
  3. and forward them to me.
I enjoy the documentation process, and plan to set this up so the site continues through the efforts of my children after I pass on.

Best Regards,
H. Roice Nelson, Jr. 27 August 2005

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