. . . Planned Presentation to Iron County Water Conservancy Board, 04 May 2006

  1. Slide01 Water and Energy Alternatives - Title Page
  2. Slide02 Context
  3. Slide03 Ties between Energy and Water
  4. Slide04 Why are these ideas important?
  5. Slide05 Growth and projected water demand
  6. Slide06 Topics Explored in this Presentation
  7. Slide07 Existing Water in Cedar Valley
  8. Slide08 Inventory and Monitor Water Usage
  9. Slide09 Modern Sensors to Monitor Flow
  10. Slide10 Map the Aquifers
  11. Slide11 Demonstration Subset of Wells
  12. Slide12 Spotfire Data Mining
  13. Slide13 South-to-North Composite Lithology Logs
  14. Slide14 West-to-East Composite Lithology Logs
  15. Slide15 Data source for SUU Geologic Studies
  16. Slide16 Color of Cuttings
  17. Slide17 Where Clay is
  18. Slide18 Where Silt is
  19. Slide19 Where Sand is
  20. Slide20 Where Gravel is
  21. Slide21 Where Cobbles are
  22. Slide22 Where Boulders are
  23. Slide23 Where Water is
  24. Slide24 Cross-Sections Like Canyon Outcrops
  25. Slide25 Understandings with 3-D Displays
  26. Slide26 Re-Drill or Re-Perforate
  27. Slide27 New Water
  28. Slide28 Lake Powell Pipeline
  29. Slide29 Risks if Lake Drops More
  30. Slide30 How to pay back the State of Utah
  31. Slide31 Transfer Development Rights (TDR)
  32. Slide32 Basic Elements of Successful TDR's
  33. Slide33 TDR's Create New Sources of Capital
  34. Slide34 Condensation
  35. Slide35 Condensation Pyramids
  36. Slide36 Dew Ponds
  37. Slide37 Dew Point
  38. Slide38 Hydrophobic Fabrics
  39. Slide39 Canyon Winds
  40. Slide40 Horizontal Wells for Water Source
  41. Slide41 Horizontal Wells for Water Delivery
  42. Slide42 Horizontal Well Location Calculator
  43. Slide43 Location of 3 Possible Horizontal Wells
  44. Slide44 Change the Use of Existing Water
  45. Slide45 New Sources of Energy
  46. Slide46 Hydro, Wind, and Solar Electricity
  47. Slide47 Using Coal as an Energy Source
  48. Slide48 A Geothermal Energy Source near Enoch?
  49. Slide49 Australian Solar Tower Plans
  50. Slide50 Australian Solar Tower Cost and Timing
  51. Slide51 4 Possible Locatoins for Thermal Chimneys in Iron County
  52. Slide52 Combinations New Energy - New Water
  53. Slide53 Recommendation 1: SUU Studies
  54. Slide54 Recommendation 2: Collaborative Studies with state and federal agencies
  55. Slide55 Recommendation 3: Transfer Development Rights

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