SubSurface Integration School

· 01i2tCourse Objectives
· 02i2bRelation to Other Training Courses
· 03i4bCourse Plan
· 04i5tCourse Roadmaps
· 05i9tServer for Unix Home Directory
· 06i16tX Window Control
· 07ex11tGeolog - Exercise
· 08i21tCentral Services
· 09i33tScreen Dumps with xgrab
· 10i34bMac Plots on Big Plotters
· 11iesx2tWhy Team Members Should Know Seismic Interpretation Software
· 12fbq14bA BrioQuery of the Finder Database
· 13fbq15bSave the Query as an Excel Spreadsheet
· 14z3bZ-Map File Types and Content

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