Presentation Index

· a01_pyraHow did they build the pyraminds?
· a02_moonHow do we design any complex process?
· b01_spacKnowledge Gap #1:
· b02_techKnowledge Gap #2:
· b03_exprKnowledge Gap #3:
· b04_dataKnowledge Gap #4:
· c01_docDocument Everything
· c02_rtwThe Road to Wisdom
· c03_dataJungles of Data
· c03a_datA Seismic Section is Data
· c04_infoFiles of Information
· c05_dainData and Information
· c06_knowHalls of Knowledge
· c07_inknInformation and Knowledge
· c08_intBuildings of Intelligence
· c09_wisdCities of Wisdom
· c10_rtwThe Road to Wisdom
· d01_evoEvolution of Knowledge Based Workers
· d02_orgContributors Perceived Contributions
· d03_intlIntellectual Capital
· d04_lernLearning organization
· d05_mngeA Practical Way to Manage Knowledge
· d06_envCreating A Learning Environment
· e01_taskExperience Linked to Core Purpose Yields Knowledge
· e02_tmplKnowledge Templates (sm)
· e03_kbLinked Experience Creates a Knowledge Backbone (sm)
· f01_IDEFIDEF(0) is an Activity Modeling Language
· f02_nodeAgile Virtual Team Node Tree (Tasks or Core Purposes)
· f03_A00Agile Virtual Team Mission Statement
· f04_A0Agile Virtual Team Steps to Fullfill
· f05_A1Decompose Agile Virtual Team Activities
· f06_A2Define Role of the Agile Virtual Team
· f07_A22How to Form an Agile Virtual Team
· f08_A223Different Types of Cooperation
· f09A2234Organize Agile Virtual Team
· f1022342Select Agile Virtual Team Members
· f1122343Define Agile Virtual Team Working Procedure
· f12_A25Desolve Agile Virtual Team and Document Work
· f13_nodeHyperLinked Node Tree for Agile Virtual Team
· g01_nameA Knowledge Backbone Unifies The Organization
· g02_discKnowledge Resides and Must Be Documented Within Disciplines
· g03_compThe Knowledge Backbone Components
· g04_iconThe Knowledge Backbone Allows Semi-Automatic Documentation
· g05_useThe Knowledge Backbone Can Be Implemented:
· g06_strtWhere to Start Building Your Knowledge Backbone
· g07_servThe Knowledge Backbone Serves Your Entire Organization
· g08_bounThe Knowledge Backbone is Independent of Boundaries
· h01_compBest Practice Key Components
· h02_dissBest Practices Must Be Disseminated
· h03_ciBest Practices Must Be Continuously Improved
· h04_focsBest Practices Focus on Individual Tasks

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