. . . Index of Gwens First Cedar Sleepover 10-13 June 2020

This is the first set of photos posted as an html set of thumbnails: 14 June 2020. Click on the thumbnail for image.

Darius and Grandma in Rachel & Garrett's back yardClose-Up on Daris Darius walking in the back yardDarius & Gwen in the back yard Fire near Mona as we drove Gwen to CedarGwendolyn at Cedar Breaks Gwen at Cedar BreaksGrandpa and Gwen at Cedar Breaks Grandpa and Gwen at Cedar BreaksReplicated Gwen at Cedar Breaks
North Cedar Breaks panoramaGrandma at Cedar Breaks Snow, Gwen & Grandma, and tourists from Northern CaliforniaGwen at Alpine Lake Closeup on Gwen at Alpine LakeGwen at Alpine Lake Gwen at the end of the trailGrandma at Alpine Lake Funky photo of Grandma at Alpine LakeGwen across Alpine Lake
Zoom of Gwen across Alpine LakePanorama Alpine Lake Gwen hiding in trees across Alpine LakeMoss floating on Alpine Lake 1 Moss floating on Alpine Lake 2Gwen by cleared fallen trees Cedar Breaks from Alpine Lake trailWhere was when texted Alan Chamblain North Cedar Valley in distance
Gwen singing original: "The Trail is Beautiful""The Little, Little Mermaid" "The Giant Cat""Have you every heard the Cucko Bird Sing" "Never Die from the Corona Sickness"Gwen singing and bouncing Sunset, coming back from Milford to see Garrett, Dad
Grandma and Darius at ScipioGrandma chasing Darius at Scipio Grandma guiding Darius at ScipioGrandma, Darius, and the camel at Scipio Grandma, sleeping camel, Darius runningFlying J at Scipio Flag 13 June 2020 while riot elsewhereGwen and Camel at Scipio

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