. . . Index of Roice & Andrea Hiking Down the "C" Trail - 20 June 2020

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Cedar City Trail System"C" Trailhead Parked Suburu Elevation Base 6060 feetRed Hill up Right Hand Panorama Red Hill & CedarNeat Tree near "C" Overlook Closeup on TreeTemple from same view Marker at "C" Overlook8250 Elevation top +2,190 feet Cedar from OverlookOverlook Panorama Neat Tree from TrailTree with Red Hill Cedar CityRed Hill
Red HillDead Tree "C" from TrailZoom "C" "C" from TrailZoom "C" Red Hill"C" from Trail Cedar Valley North PanFarm to Tree + Red Hill Pan to North Red HillRoice + Andrea Zoom R+A Red HillRoice + Andrea Dead Tree"C" Trail
Tree Recently DiedTree & Roots Dead Tree and TempleZoom Temple Bike Turn Up the HillAndrea on "C" Trail Mudstone OutcropBicyclist 1 Grinning Bicyclist 2Bicyclist 3 Andrea & Morning SunPan Cedar, Mason, Andrea Leigh HillCedar City Red HillCross Hollows, Lake, & House
Stone PilesHighland Houses Zoom HousesFarm Red Hill Moenkopi FormationZoom 1 Moenkopi Zoom 2 MoenkopiNorth Moenkopi Zoom MoenkopiNorth Red Hill Zoom Red HillSouth Cedar City Cross-Hollows to Temple3.25 Mile Running Trail South Red Hill TrailNorth Cedar City Panorama
Red HillZoom Red Hill LichenZoom Lichen South CedarS Cedar Zoom Dread TreeEast Cedar SuburuAndrea Bench4 Bike TurnEast Cedar "C" TrailReturn to Car Suburu on rockBengt Nelson
Aunt Sara & Uncle Des Went Up Cedar Mountain & Down Cedar Highlands
Bengt Nelson House 300 WRed Hill Back Up Mountain Suburu & PriusJasen Wade Nielson Drone for movieAndrea Holly & Suburu Drone & SE CedarJasen & Drone Drone & PhotographerDrone Left Shoulder Lost DroneDrone in Distance Movie of Drone on Saturday EveningBackground Sunset Image

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