. . . Second Presentation Prepared for
The Central Iron County Water Conservancy Board

06 July 2006

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· Slide01Water and Energy Alternatives - Title Page
· Slide02Context
· Slide03Why are these ideas important?
· Slide04Recommendation: Grants to Study Options
· Slide05Classification of 50 Proposed Studies
· Slide061. Create an on-line central repository of data defining water and energy
· Slide072. Provide One-Stop Verifiable Statistics for Iron County
· Slide083. Define Water & Energy Use Scenarios
· Slide094. Define ties between Energy & Water
· Slide105. Review the Benefits of Public Agencies Thinking and Acting like a Business
· Slide116. Create Virtual Forums to Integrate the County, Communities, & Individuals
· Slide127. Define the Various Costs of Water
· Slide138. Define the Value of Alfalfa to Iron County
· Slide149. Optimization of Sprinkler Technology
· Slide1510. Identify Alternative Crops
· Slide1611. Quantify Water Usage Changes
· Slide1712. Define a process to inventory and monitor water usage
· Slide1813. Study new sensors to monitor, collect, and distibute flow from each well in the county
· Slide1914. Map the aquifers and determine recharge rates
· Slide20Demonstration Subset of Wells
· Slide21Spotfire Data Mining
· Slide22South-to-North Composite Lithology Logs
· Slide23West-to-East Composite Lithology Logs
· Slide24Data source for SUU Geologic Studies
· Slide25Color of Cuttings
· Slide26Where Clay is
· Slide27Where Silt is
· Slide28Where Sand is
· Slide29Where Gravel is
· Slide30Where Cobbles are
· Slide31Where Boulders are
· Slide32Where Water is
· Slide33Cross-Sections Like Canyon Outcrops (8 slides)
· Slide34Understandings with 3-D Displays (14 slides)
· Slide35Re-Drill or Re-Perforate
· Slide36Get University Students to collect data and to Map the Aquifer
· Slide3716. Model the Entire Hydrologic System
· Slide3816continued. Geometry, Lithology, Visualization
· Slide3916continued. Structure, Rendering, Topography
· Slide4016continued. Stratigraphy, Rendering
· Slide4116continued. Modeling Fluid Flow, Basin Models
· Slide4216continued. IES University Program
· Slide4317. Study How to Recharge the Aquifer
· Slide4418. Share Nitrogen Contamination Studies
· Slide4519. Study and Model Planned Lake Powell Pipeline
· Slide4619continued. What are risks if the lake level drops further?
· Slide4720. Define Lake Powell Pumping Costs
· Slide4821. Study Accessibility of MX Water
· Slide4921continued. MX Water
· Slide5022. Condensation - A New Water Source
· Slide5123. Map all Springs in Iron County
· Slide5224. Study Condensation as an Ancient Water Source Among Primative Tribes
· Slide5325. Prototype Condensation Pyramids
· Slide5426. Re-prototype Knapen's Air Well
· Slide5527. Prototype Dew Ponds
· Slide5628. Evaluate Hydrophobic Fabrics as a way to extract dew
· Slide5729. Map Best Areas to Test Condensation
· Slide5829continued. Dew Point and Cedar Mountain
· Slide5930. Electric Fence Condensation
· Slide6031. Canyon Winds
· Slide6132. Legal Action Against California
· Slide6233. Horizontal Wells for Water Source
· Slide6334. Horizontal Wells for Water Delivery
· Slide6434continued. Horizontal Well Location Calculator
· Slide6534continued. Location of 3 Possible Horizontal Wells
· Slide6635. Revisit Kolob Reservoir Water Trade
· Slide6736. Wind Farms
· Slide6837. Solar Energy
· Slide6938. Hydroelectric Energy
· Slide7039. Using Coal as an Energy Source
· Slide7140. Is Coal Bed Methane in them Hills?
· Slide7241. Coal Liquidification
· Slide7342. A Geothermal Energy Source near Enoch?
· Slide7443. Australian Solar Tower Plans
· Slide7543continued. Australian Solar Tower Cost and Timing
· Slide7643continued. 4 Possible Locations for Thermal Chimneys in Iron County
· Slide7744. New Power
· Slide7845. New Water
· Slide7946. Combining New Energy - New Water
· Slide8047. Involve the Citizens of Iron County
· Slide8148. Means to Study Alternative Futures
· Slide8249. Is there a new way to pay back the state?
· Slide8350. Study Feasibility of TDR's
· Slide8450a. Population Growth is Inevitable
· Slide8550b. Transfer Development Rights (TDR)
· Slide8650c. TDRs and Land Ownership
· Slide8750d. Basic Elements of Successful TDR's
· Slide8850e. TDRs Create New Sources of Capital
· Slide89Acknowledgements
· Slide90Thanks

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