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This page is an introduction to the consulting services and activities tied to Walden 3-D, Inc.

W3D's name derives from the book "Walden, or Life in the Woods" by Henry David Thoreau. The company name extends "Walden" to "Walden 3", mirroring the title of B. F. Skinner's book "Walden 2," and then adding "-D," to describe the three-dimensional computer visualization technologies Walden 3-D's Principals and Associates have data, information, knowledge, and wisdom.

The four major activities, as linked through the above logo, are:

  1. identifying needs where there is an opportunity to make a difference;
  2. geotechnical consulting, with an emphasis on 3-D seismic interpretation and synergistic data integration;
  3. improving environments through information, rural, and urban design; as well as
  4. developing a unified philosophy under which to work and play and live.

This material is posted on the World-Wide-Web for the purposes of:

Clicking on the title at the top of this page links to a list of projects Walden 3-D has taken on since incorporation. These projects include both the developing products (e.g. W3D Shareware, W3D Posters, The Good LFP Guide, etc.) and providing services (e.g. W3D Virtual Seminars, contract seismic interpretation, outsourcing, agile virtual enterprise philosophy we build our projects around and the HTML documentation process we have developed provide our customers with both the quickest and the highest quality solutions for the most cost effective price and with the best integration into existing operations.

To assist navigation of this web site, the blue bar at the top of each page at this site is tied to a Knowledge Backbone (sm) of the activities in the section the page is related to. The blue bar at the bottom of each page is tied to an index of pages in that section of the web site. In addition, a roadmap of major sections of this web site is available (gif thumbnail 'bricks' [about 0.2 MB]). Many of the pages on this site include megabyte+ images. We are particularly interested in customers who use technology with the bandwidth and compute power to easily review the material posted at this site.

Search Engines for finding related information:

The Founder / Finder and an initial technical contact is H. Roice Nelson, Jr.: Short Biography, Expanded Resume, Oil & Gas Vita or, Walden 3-D Virtual Enterprise are listed on a separate page. If you are interested in participating email info@walden3d.com. If you are authorized you can access the walden3d contact database, the Knowledge Backbone or Smart Library Index of activities of the Ideal Oil & Gas Company, and the walden3d library.

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