1. Co-Authors for their contributions:
    • Dr. Dan Ebrom for providing the `Stonehenge Physical Model' data
    • Yutao Liu for developing the code to display the `Stonehenge Physical Model' data and the `SEM' data at the VETL
    • Dr. Wei He and Dr. Roger N. Anderson for providing the example of `4-D Seismic Monitoring of Hydrocarbon Drainage'
    • Carl Brassow of Secured Environmental Management, Inc. for permission to use the SEM data and interpretation results
    • Interative Interpretation & Training for the providing the facilities to do the SEM interpretation
  2. The VETL
    • The staff and students working at the VETL provide the basis for research and development of Geoscience Virtual Reality applications and examples
  3. George Mason University, The Advanced Visualization Laboratory, Johnson Space Center, and the University of Houston
    • Although none of these four orgainzations were directly contacted, they have each participated in the development of the VETL, and we acknowledge their significant contributions as well as the images of VETL work taken from their respective WWW sites
  4. Richard Jones and the VR in Geosciences Conference Organizers that encouraged the original presentation of this Virtual Seminar

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