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H. Roice Nelson, Jr.'s US spatial resume

Dr. S. D. LeRoy's US spatial resume

Dr. R. L. Coons' US spatial resume

W3D is setting up a service where explorationists will be able to build their spatial resume on-line for free.

In the meantime, by putting together your resume in an excel or OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet and e-mailing it to rnelson@walden3d.com, we will return a spatial resume as a spread-sheet, an image file, and a pdf file.
Price: $200.
Availability: 2 weeks from receipt of payment and resume data in the proper format.
W3D considered setting up a Merchantile Account with the ability to add this item to a Shopping Cart and pay with MasterCard or Visa. However, until there is more sales volume send payment as a personal check, a business check, a cashier's check, a money order to, or call to get wire transfer instructions from:

Walden 3-D, Inc.
P.O. Box 382
Barker, TX 77413-0382
281.579.0172 f: 281.579.2141

and we will deliver once payment is deposited and as specified in the availability described to the left.

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