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Periodic W3D Journal / Virtual SeminarSM

W3D is starting distribution of a periodic electronic W3D Journal on Thursday, 28 September 2000. The initial plan is for 72 newsletters documenting work done at Walden 3-D over the last decade, as well as plans for the next few decades. They will be posted on the web behind a password for those who have purchased or prepurchased them. DSN Addresses of those reviewing the sites will be monitored for compliance to the W3D Subscription Agreement. Those who purchase the W3D Journal will have the opportunity to vote on 1 W3D Journal per 12 Editions to turn into a Virtual SeminarSM. This Virtual SeminarSM will be recorded and put on the web behind a password for access by customers and their employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The fees are payable quarterly or annually in advance or after the quarter's or year's worth of W3D Journals has been archived. Subscription costs per company are:

Signing a W3D Subscription Agreement stipulating the information will only be used by the individual or company purchasing the W3D Journals and Virtual SeminarsSM is required. New passwords will be delivered to customers upon receipt of payment for each set of 12 Editions, either as a pre- or post-purchase. More extensive watermarks and password protection will be implemented if the W3D Journals are accessed by unauthorized individuals or companies. A Keyman life insurance policy on the W3D editor, H. Roice Nelson, Jr., and accural from subscriptions will insure subscribers a refund for any editions not received if there is a termination of delivery of W3D Journals and Virtual SeminarsSM.

The initial topic W3D will be documenting are:

  1. 01 - The Walden 3-D Design Process
  2. 02 - Maps
  3. 03 - Models
  4. 04 - Immersive Reality
  5. 05 - Dynamically Replenishing Hydrocarbon Reserves
  6. 06 - Knowledge Compilers
  7. 07 - The Infinite Grid(SM) as a Spatial Index
  8. 08 - The Timedex(SM) as a Temporal Index
  9. 09 - The Knowledge Backbone(SM) as an Activity Index
  10. 10 - Integrating Spatial, Temporal, and Activiy Indices
  11. 11 - Data Mining
  12. 12 - Using the Walden 3-D Design Process to Create a Process for Hydrocarbon Prospect Lead Generation

W3D Journal purchase of the current 12 Editions is required to contract consulting work through W3D, including work with the W3D Network-of-Minds.

The first four (4) companies to pre-purchase the first 72 Editions of W3D Journals will have this expense counted as a credit towards 50% of W3D consulting fees. The second four (4) companies to pre-purchase the first 72 Editions of W3D Journals will be able to recover their investment with a 25% discount on W3D consulting fees. All others to pre-purchase the first 72 Editions of W3D Journals will get a 10% discount on consulting fees through W3D until the recover of the cost of W3D Journal subscription.

The topic W3D will be documenting in Editions 13-24 will be a function of conversations with clients, and will be based on their needs and the expertise of The W3D NetWork-of-Minds. Topics for Editions 13-72 will include (note the order prepared will be prioritized by subscribers):

W3D looks forward to questions and comments from you.

If you are interested in receiving this weekly electronic W3D Journal, read the W3D Subscription Agreement, download, sign and mail or send by facsimile to the addresses below.

Subscription fees can be mailed or wired to W3D at Texas Commerce Bank N.A., Houston, TX (e-mail for specific wiring instructions). In addition, W3D has arranged for credit card payment through the on-line store of our sister company Heritage Galleries On-Line.

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