The Millennial Adolph & Nellie Hafen Family Reunion

Labor Day Weekend 2000 at Pinto

Friday, September 1st

11:30 AM: Family St. George Temple Session 3:00 PM: St. George Library, A workshop on sharing Hafen Genealogy on the Internet

Saturday, September 2nd

3:00 PM: Baseball Game at Pinto 5:00 PM: Pot-Luck Dinner at Uncle Dan's Cabin

six or more family members bring 3 dishes [salad, casserole, and dessert; 3-5 family members bring 2 dishes (casserole and desert or salad); 1-2 family members bring 1 dish].

After Dinner: Wagon Ride & Bon Fire

Sunday, September 3rd

11:00 AM: Sacrament Meeting at Uncle Dan's Cabin or at Moss' Cabin depending on the weather 3:00 PM: Dinner

Extra salads and desserts are welcome.

After Dinner: Games and Activities

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