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Locating Profitable Hydrocarbon Deposits


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Locating Profitable Hydrocarbon Deposits

Dynamicís Experience Covers Exploration and Business


For A Fee and an Override or Equivalent:

Our Goal is to Share in an Increase in YOUR Profitability

EMV: Expected Monetary Value

Hydrocarbon Systems Require:

The Prospect Machine

Consultantís new exploration Concepts, Leads, and Prospects

On the Gulf of Mexico Shelf

Recent Successful Redrills in Abandoned GOM Fields and Leases

The Best Place to Look is Where It Is

Immersive Representation of BOE

Blocks in Study Area Against IG6

Blocks in Study Area Against IG6

Dynamicís Criteria Classify Blocks

Vapor-Lock Seal Geopressure Analysis West Cameron 66 Field Study Distribution of Hydrocarbon Accumulations

Crustal Features ----- Gulf of Mexico

Texas Federal Offshore

West Cameron 66 Field Study

Hydrocarbon Distribution

Summary: West Cameron 66 Field Study

North Padre Island Opportunities

Suggested Outsourcing Options All Offshore Texas Hydrodynamic Compartment

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