. . . Cedar Valley Water

14. Integrating Cedar City & SUU Strategic Plans 20 Nov 2014 and to send to future@suu.edu.
13. Letter to CICWCD from Gary Player regarding the re-entry into the Arco well at Iron Springs to test the aquifer potential of the fractured quartze monzonite aquifer west of Cedar City.
12. 24 Feb 2014 Paper: "Formation Pressure as a Potential Indicator of High Stratigraphic Permeability" by Rick Allis, given to Brent Hunter of CICWCD to confirm thoughts about Cedar Valley and the Southern Great Basin being under normal hydrostatic pressure because water is draining into the Grand Canyon.
11. Letter Report to David Miller, Iron County Commissioner, last page, from Gary Player & Roice Nelson, regarding the Cretaceous Aquifer on Cedar Mountain and a test well at Woods Ranch.
10. 22 September 2014 Talk at SUU for CICWCD titled: "Using Lightning Data Analysis as a geologic framework for Exploration and Planning": Paul Monroe, Gary Player, Dixie Leavitt, Ted Nelson, Caroline Howe, & others
9. 18 July 2014 Field Trip Notes: Brent Hunter, Paul Monroe, Spencer Jones, Gary Player, & Roice Nelson
8. Keynote Talk at SUU Annual Research Symposium, 18 Nov 2013.

7. Lake Powell Pipeline Movie
6. Frames from a movie along proposed Lake Powell Pipeline
5. Perspective Movie
4. Frames from the movie showing the perspective of the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline
3. Folder dated 01 July 2006 with USGS pdf files, spreadsheets, etc. on White Pine County, NV and adjacent aquifers in Utah.
2.Second Presentation for members of the Central Iron County Water Conservancy Board, 06 June 2006.
2. Presentation for members of the Central Iron County Water Conservancy Board, 04 May 2006 revised from 1st draft.
1. First Presentation prepared on 19 Sep 2005


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