. . . Index to the Galveston Futures Urban Machine Initial Presentation

Galveston Knowledge BackboneSM

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1.The Urban Machine10
1.1. Three Knowledge Gaps11
1.2. Best Practices17
1.3. Communities-of-Practice32
2.Information Management41
2.1. IDEF (Information Definition Exchange Format)42
2.2. Real-Time Measuring & Monitoring of Airplanes, Reservoirs, and Islands45
2.3. vPatch, LLC. - Prototyping The Urban Machine47
3.Introduction to Four Key Indices:59
3.1. Process (Knowledge BackboneSM)61
3.2. Data Type (Hypermedia Entity-Relationships)079
3.3. Location (Infinite GridSM)086
3.4. Time (TimedexSM)101
4.Galveston Futures Process Models107
4.1. IDEF-0 Model of Galveston Futures108
4.2. Galveston Futures Disaster Recovery121
5.Data Base Organization for Galveston Futures126
5.1. Interlocking Matrices127
5.2. IDEF-1X Model of Galveston Futures130
6.Galveston Futures Spatial Data138
6.1. Raster Based GIS (Geographical Information System)139
6.2. Galveston Futures Matrix Flows183
7.Galveston Futures Temporal Data207
7.1. Hierarchial Timelines - A Planning Reference208
7.2. Integrating Time and Space and Process and Things through Simulation in Virtual Reality221
8.The Walden 3-D Design Process226
8.1. New Home Scenario280
8.2. 9 Steps to Rebuilding Galveston Futures281
9.Implications of The Urban Machine for Galveston Futures303
9.1. Optimizing Operation of Galveston Island307
9.2. Being Prepared for Disaster314
Appendix 1.0 Gardner Partnership Architects315
Appendix 2.0 The Patterson Group (TPG)323
Appendix 3.0 Winston Associates330
Appendix 4.0 Rick Duran and Archinomics333
Appendix 5.0 Full Spectral Imaging335
Appendix 6.0 Dynamic Resources Corporation341
Appendix 7.0 Walden 3-D, Inc.343
Appendix 8.0 The Intelligent Habitat Project348
Appendix 9.0 Red Cove373
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Galveston Infinite GridSM

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